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4 Tips on Managing ADHD

Despite what people think, ADD (an acronym for Attention Deficit Disorder) is not a catch all phrase for a bunch of common behaviors nor it is a pseudo ailment. The reality is, scientist have been able to link ADD with certain malfunctioning neurological responses that are lacking in individuals who do not have this disorder.

Also called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) this condition affects a small population of children (roughly 8-10 percent) and a number of adults who may have missed being diagnosed when they were young.

Top symptoms of ADD/ADHD that can be found in both child and adult sufferers and often include:
- Trouble focusing
- Hyperactivity and inability to sit still
- Impaired social interaction
- Irresponsible behaviors
- Moody and insulting
- Extremely forgetfulness
There is a segment of society that believes that ADD/ADHD symptoms can be easily controlled through will power. What they don't realize PET and CAT scans have uncovered circuitry abnormalities and lower metabolic activity in the part of the brain that controls our emotions and basic responses. The neurotransmitter dopamine is also severely lacking in the ADD brain.

Despite this knowledge, many parents refrain from seeking a diagnosis for their child and mature men and women feel ashamed and closet their impairment. This only serves to exacerbate the problem and clinical depression may even result.

Today, individuals with ADD need not suffer in silence.

Children and adults with ADD/ADHD can seek out the assistance of an experienced ADD doctor for analysis. The doctor will perform a series of diagnostic tests that will allow them to make an informed prognosis in regards to the condition and help them regulate it.

Once you are officially diagnosed with the disorder, there is a lot you can do about it.

1. Medication - slowed down and impaired neurons actually benefit from stimulants because they help to make the neurons fire correctly. Psychostimulants like Ritalin for children and amphetamines for adults are commonly prescribed to combat the many problems associated with ADD/ADHD.
2. Self management - this aspect may be a tab bit easier fro adults, but parents can help a child in this arena. Doing small things like making a to-do list, getting an organizer or planner, or planning to arrive someplace early as opposed to on-time may help you mitigate some of the more aggravating aspects of the disorder.
3. Talk with ADHD doctor - your doctor will be a veritable fountain of tips that can help you place you on the road to controlling your ADD symptoms. Be sure to ask lots of questions and take the acquired info to the internet for further study. Knowledge is power.
4. ADHD support Groups and behavioral therapy - At an ADHD support meeting you may learn valuable insights from people who know what it is like to deal with such a complex neurological problem. For instance, you could acquire from a host of dietary aids or holistic remedies that can help you get lower some of the more off putting aspects of your ADD behaviors. Behavioral therapy will also help as it can provide one-on-one counseling. A qualified therapist who understands ADD/ADHD psychology can retrain your thought processes so you recognize your ADD symptoms and learn how to control them.

Combating ADD will take a multi-pronged approach, but with due diligence and proper education you should be able to gain control of your disorder and feel more in control of your own destiny. If you suspect you have ADD/ADHD contact a reputable doctor in your neck of the woods to get evaluated so you can be well on your well to greater health and a even better life.


Learning to Speak Alzheimer's: A Groundbreaking Way to Deal with the Disease

While a major disease usually takes its toll on the victim's family, it can especially take an extra measure on those who are closest to the victim, his or her spouse, or children which is why this groundbreaking work has been so important to caregivers and patients for the last several years.

It's always easy to think you will know how to respond to a disease when it happens to a loved one: you'll step up and automatically do what's right. That's not always the case as Joanna Koenig Coste found when her husband was struck down with a major stroke that left him virtually unable to communicate.

His stroke, which progressively weakened not only his body but his memory, left Coste to care for four small children and, suddenly, a grown person who was, in many ways, now a child.

Coste, a private practitioner and advocate for total family and patient care, developed a system called habitation - a very humanistic approach to caregiving where the patient and caregivers relate in an unconventional way. In brief, Coste has developed a therapy that emphasizes relating patients to their reality. Her family practice also emphasizes bringing the family into the treatment process quickly so that not only do they understand the changes going on with the Alzheimer's patient but so that they can relate to those changes.

Her therapy has been successful in helping patients and caregivers cope with the domestic changes that Alzheimer's patients undergo, often slowly, over the years - sometimes more rapidly. For example, it is known that Alzheimer's patients tend to wander, but what folks don't know is that they tend to wander in a straight line from their residence so if someone is lucky enough to find the line, they will likely find the patient quite quickly.

Then, there's the frustration of the Alzheimer's sufferer losing the ability to drive as they plainly become unsafe. Then, there's the family having to become used to the terrible progression of the disease as the plaques that build up on various neural pathways cause the brain to misfire in many ways. This eventually leads to a sense of paranoia for the patient with the ultimate disability begins to degenerate more and more.

One tries to keep one's sense of perspective about it, but it does make it hard, which is another area that Coste discusses. She helps families, patients and caregivers deal with the inevitable changes that Alzheimer's brings.

Coste's method of treatment is accessible and comprehensive and works at enhancing communication between patients and their caregivers.

Her precedent-shattering work has brought Coste accolades, including being named a "Woman to Watch in the 21st Century" by NBC and a National Hero by Reader's Digest. Her habilitation therapy is one of perhaps the most scalable available so that it can deal with a wide variety of situations and has revolutionized Alzheimer's treatment.


Common Uses For Bach Flower Essences

For thousands of years, our ancestors used natural remedies to help individuals with physical or mental health problems. These formulas were passed from generation to generation for centuries until modern medicine came into being. Modern medicine, while it saves lives and does amazing things, may be missing out on the potential benefits associated with natural health products.

The Origin of Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences are named for Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician. He was an extremely successful physician but felt concerned about the tendency of modern medicine to focus on disease, rather than the patient's health as a whole. He gave up his practice in 1930 and devoted his time and energy to finding natural remedies.

Dr. Bach found that there were 38 essences that would unblock the natural health potential in himself and his patients. These 38 essences corresponded to various mental states and were composed of refined herbal extracts.

What Exactly Are the Bach Flower Essences?

Bach Flower Essences are natural remedies made using an all-natural process. Natural wild flower infusions are added to spring water by steeping it in the sun or by boiling it. Hand made in England, the 38 Bach Flower Essences are preserved using grape brandy.

The principle behind the use of natural remedies like the Bach Flower Essences is that there is a mind-body connection. If the mind is at peace, then the body will also return to a healthy condition. This natural health approach is based on the idea that dispelling negative feelings like anger, anxiety, and indecisiveness will allow the body to heal itself.

How Animals Can Benefit from Bach Flower Essences

Most animal lovers will tell you that animals also feel emotions. You can tell when your dog is depressed or anxious or when he feels jealous or angry. Animal behavior is also affected by these emotions, so it important to get animal emotions in balance. Bach Flower Essences are one way to help restore emotional equilibrium in your pet.

Bach Flower Essences During Pregnancy

Both your intuition and you doctor will tell you that you must be careful what you consume during pregnancy. There is a long list of forbidden foods and medications. However, Bach Flower Essences are not on that list. They promote natural health and are safe for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy is a time of great emotional turmoil, making it also a very important time to consider natural remedies for emotional issues. Hormonal imbalances and simply adjusting to the state of pregnancy can cause rush of feelings that are difficult to process and can lead to health problems. Bach Flower Essences are one of the safest ways to deal with these concerns.

Children and Bach Flower Essences

Childhood is often described as a carefree time, but most of us know that simply isn't true. Children, especially the children of today, feel anxious and depressed at times. These feelings can lead to greater health problems and should be resolved as quickly and simply as possible.

Since you don't want to endanger your child's health with any unnecessary chemicals, natural remedies are a good way to restore balance to your child's emotional health. Bach Flower Essences are completely safe for children and babies.

Why Natural Health is Sometimes Better

Conventional medicine is extremely effective in many areas; however, there is a tendency, as Dr. Bach discovered, for many medical doctors to focus on curing specific physical ailments, rather than looking deeper into the patient's emotional health. In addition, medical remedies often carry warnings about side effects and dangerous overdoses. Natural remedies are much safer and provide a complementary therapy to regular medical care.


What to do if Your Employer Does Not Provide Health Coverage

It is painful to not have medical insurance because you know that you are not going to be able to afford the health care you need if you become sick or injured. That means you are probably sitting around all of the time hoping you don't get sick or you don't break something. In the end, you're probably going to acquire an ulcer from all of the worrying and then you won't be able to get that treated either. What if your worries run you into a condition such as hypertension or you have a heart attack someday? What if the reason why you don't have health insurance is because your employer doesn't offer it or you are in the middle of a lengthy waiting period? If that's the case, then there's good news.

Supplemental health insurance can help you when you don't have medical insurance to take care of your health needs. Basically, supplemental health insurance pays you a cash benefit if a qualifying event or condition occurs. What it covers depends on the plan that you choose, but what it does is give you coverage where you may not have any otherwise.


You read above where a person may not have medical insurance through their employer or they have to endure a waiting period before they are covered. There are other instances in which supplemental insurance comes in handy:

- When Canadian residents visit the United States, they frequently get what is called visitors health insurance. What this does is it covers them while they are visiting the United States and protects them from the high medical costs in the case of an illness or accident. There have been individuals in the past who have visited the U.S. and been in a car wreck or came down ill. When taken to the hospital, they find that the healthcare offered by the Canadian government does not cover treatment within the United States. What happens is that person is slapped with a large medical bill that can be thousands of dollars. With supplemental health insurance such as visitors health insurance, this doesn't happen.

- People travel quite often, but the insurance in their home country will not cover them in another country. That is when they purchase travel health insurance. That means they're going to be covered in the countries that they visit and not be stuck with huge medical bills in case they need medical treatment. It works the same as visitors health insurance. The only difference is that travel health insurance is for the length of time in which the individual is traveling abroad.

From these two instances alone, it is easy to see how these two types of supplemental health insurance really come in handy. You would be amazed how many Canadians refuse to visit the United States without acquiring visitors health insurance first. The urgency is probably great than those who actually seek out travel health insurance, although travel health insurance is becoming more prevalent amongst travelers because they realize the scope of not having medical insurance while traveling.

A wise choice

So now you can see that supplemental health insurance is certainly a wise choice. It even acts as a supplement to any existing insurance that you may have. If your regular medical insurance does not cover a specific item, then you can choose a supplemental plan that does. That way you know that you are covered in one way or another when you are receiving medical treatment. That also means that you can relax a little bit and not worry yourself until you're sick.


Effects of Constipation On Your Health

There is one topic that most people do not like to talk about and that is constipation. The truth is that there are many of us suffer from it every day and this can prove to be a major problem in our lives. As all of us know, there is nothing any more miserable than when we cannot go to the bathroom. Some of its causes include eating unhealthy foods in our daily diets and living an improper lifestyle. Many people are so intent on eating all sorts of foods that they do not even realize the effect that they are having on their bodies until they have some sort of illness such as constipation. Once you develop constipation, it is not an easy task to get rid of and it will take a strong effort and self-discipline by you to conquer it.

Having bowel movements more frequently than you normally should is said to be constipation and it is defined as having difficulty or pain when passing stools out of the body. This causes your body to feel bloated and irritated. Constipation is usually a temporary condition, but when it takes place frequently, it can lead to grave illness and other major health risks. This is the reason why it should be prevented and cured at all cost.

When a person cannot pass stools normally out of their body, it can lead to health problems such as trouble with the colon. When the colon gets full of toxic wastes because they cannot pass out of the body, this can have a huge effect on all of your other bodily organs because your blood can also become contaminated with toxic wastes. This causes your organs to not function properly and this can make you vulnerable to many diseases.

We have all been taught that bowel movements are something that we should experience once a day, but this is not true for all people because there are different bowel movement behaviors. There are those who have two or three movements a day and this does not mean that they are constipated. Several factors can influence frequency of bowel movements patterns such as stress, medications , exercise and lack of sleep.

There are many health experts who believe that we can gain many health benefits from colon cleansing and preventing constipation. This will also protect us from getting other illnesses and diseases that could have a huge effect on our health. The colon needs to be cleansed of toxins and that way, it will not only be healthy on the inside, it will be healthy on the outside as well. The colon provides water and nutrients to other parts of your body and when it becomes toxic, it degenerates all other organs in the body.

Constipation is something that has been a mainstay for many years and it has touched each one of us at some point in our lives and as previously stated, it is not an easy problem to solve. There are things that you can do to reduce your chances of developing it. Eat plenty of foods that are rich in fiber and make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Also, make sure that you get some type of daily exercise and avoid smoking and being stressed. If you do experience constipation, you can use laxatives, but make sure not to get dependent on them as they can have certain side effects on your body.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and if you would like some great free information on eating healthy, than please visit my web site where you will find some useful tips to help you live a long and healthy life.


Electronic Health Records and Medicare

The move to get Medicare health records into the electronic health records arena started back in May of 2008. It happened when the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services gave a directive to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Basically, the Secretary told them to make a plan, which he called a demonstration imitative to make raise the quality of health care Medicare recipients received. There was a reward system involved in this demand for the organizations that the CMS would get involved in developing this system of health information technology for CMS in twelve states.

The Secretaries idea was that using electronic health records would vastly change the methods for practicing and delivering medicine. Along with improving the care that Medicare recipients receive it would net a big monetary savings for the government. The point of the plan was to encourage doctors to adopt electronic health records as their means of record keeping.

The directive said to get different local organizations picked as partners in the community to implement the demonstration. The organizations for each of the twelve states in the project had to already be working to make use of electronic health records the norm. These organizations needed to be involved in dealing with the medical people in a given area before becoming part of this project and in particular in relationship with primary care physicians. This could be an association with professional medical associations.

Examples of the types of organizations that would qualify to be part of this project to expand the use of electronic health records are Better Quality Information to Improve Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Charted Value Exchange.

The job of these selected organizations was to organize a local area to get doctors cooperating in using electronic medical records. Around 2400 medical offices in the range of small to medium recruited into the project are the goal.

This is a test project to see how it would work and how-to proceed. A control group was assigned and the others were picked randomly. The places where the demonstration is conducted have two hundred medical offices participating. Four states were put in motion to begin with and in 2009 the other eight will be implemented.

It seems that if the demonstration project goes will in the eye of the powers that be then Medicare Services will be a large example of how using electronic health records improves a patient's quality of health care and an example of the large savings to be had when that record keeping system is employed.

People that are concerned about the state of health care in the United States would like to hear more about how this demonstration is proceeding. It is important for Medicare beneficiaries, the taxpayer, and the medical community to know what actions will improve the overall health of the citizens of this country, including those on Medicare. Especially at time in our countries history where many people don't have access to good healthcare and when the U.S. government has a huge deficit. The source of this information is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services where more details can be obtained.


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